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Provider Select Full Spectrum Extract Tincture Kits (Contains THC)

Puriti Provider Select

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<p>Puriti Laboratories processes and manufacturers all of our own hemp extracts, including CBD Isolate. <br />We don't guess when it comes to extraction. We utilize the industries gold standard in food grade cryogenic ethanol extraction for extracts that truly are the gold standard for cannabinoid products including CBD. <br />How do we know our products are the gold standard? We utilize a third party, DEA certified, ISO 17025 laboratory to test every batch of hemp extract and every batch of product we manufacturer. <br />Puriti CBD products have been accepted by healthcare procurement for accuracy, safety and the commitment to always provide U.S. Farmer Grown Industrial Hemp. Download our Puriti Labs CBD Consumer Product Information guide for more information.</p> <p><span>Our packing is thoughtful, as we have child proof caps to prevent accidents. We also ship our tinctures in a box with the dropper outside the bottle to prevent leaking.</span></p> <p>Anyone subject to drug testing for marijuana should not take Whole Plant Cannabinoid Extract (Full Spectrum). Isolate has no THC and will not show up on a drug test.</p> <p><strong>For best results place dropper full under tongue for direct entry into the blood stream. Hold under tongue for 60 seconds. Do not eat or drink for 5 minutes if possible.</strong></p> <p><strong>Labels and packaging may vary.</strong></p>


Puriti Labs guarantees every product we manufacturer. Please contact us if you have any problems with your order.

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